Monday, January 2, 2012

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Wish you all a happy new year, I have got a small gift(it can turn big) for you all.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Monday, July 18, 2011

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where is this going??

I haven blogd for ages, i had used my blog to sell some ads and get an insight of blog world. However as i m working in a software concern,my timings would not give me as much as access i had before to deal with this competitive business. My inquisitiveness did not stop either, as i wanted to check on the progress of how much the blogs have reached the global level.Most of the blogs are about personal life and domestic utilities, I would suggest a blog that can put in innovative scripts of Hollywood movies i.e a new one, Which can be a mix of movies but not copied entirely. All the Hollywood movies particularly in the last 5-7 years, as they were a rich mixture of technology and blended perspectives of a creative director creating an awe in the eye of all the beholders. Their way of thinking and more importantly making their thinking's go live on the screen with enhanced creativity and sky touching innovations and have created a new definition of class for the entire movie industry. The sequels to be created are a next challenge to them, as the sequel needs to outclass its predecessor by a great margin to be recognized ,else it ruins the prequels as well.Apart from Sci-fi,even movies with Dance genre has made the audience foot tap. This can be further stirred if people all over the world pours their ideas on blogs which can be adapted to improve the recipe!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Making India Auto Proud---3


The Micra hatchback is named March in Japan and the Indian version would be christened either Micra or March, An excellent little car in everything but styling, the Nissan Micra is the sort of car you buy for your daughter on the grounds that it’ll never go wrong and won’t attract boys.
Despite those diminutive dimensions the Micra rides very well, soaking up bumps like a much larger car, making it the ideal city transport that occasionally has to step in for longer journeys.
The right choice of a broad selection of engines is the 1.5-litre diesel. It's comparably quick with the numerous petrol options, has the same top speed but delivers a genuinely impressive 60mpg.
A Micra is never going to cut it, unless you can rescue some vestige of cool from the fact that you've bought a car that cares far more about being good than actually looking good.
No worries here. Nissan makes the Micra like it makes all its cars. Despite being the entry level car, it's nigh-on bomb proof and the materials used are all impressively upmarket.
There's a competent chassis lurking under that mumsy body. Grip levels are surprisingly good, body roll is kept to a minimum and the steering is positive and nicely weighted.
There are various tricks within the already quite spacious Micra. The rear seats slide forwards to make more room in the boot, and there are hidden compartments all over the place.
Running costs
Insurance costs are low on the undeniably unsportyMicra, and the diesel offers cracking distance on a tank. Residuals on reliable Japanese hatches are generally strong too.

Making India Auto Proud---2


The design concept and interiors of the People's Car was laid out considering a typical Indian family in mind, which has a roomy passenger compartment with generous leg space and head room. It can comfortably seat four persons. Four doors with high seating position make ingress and egress easy. Yet with a length of 3.1 meters, width of 1.5 meters and height of 1.6 meters, with adequate ground clearance, it can effortlessly man-oeuvre on busy roads in cities as well as in rural areas. Its mono-volume design, with wheels at the corners and the power-train at the rear, enables it to uniquely combine both space and manoeuvrability, which will set a new benchmark among small cars. The People's Car has a rear-wheel drive, all-aluminium, two-cylinder, 623 cc, 33 PS, multi point fuel injection petrol engine. This is the first time that a two-cylinder gasoline engine is being used in a car with single balancer shaft. The lean design strategy has helped minimize weight, which helps maximize performance per unit of energy consumed and delivers high fuel efficiency. Performance is controlled by a specially designed electronic engine management system.The People's Car's safety performance exceeds all current regulatory requirements meeting EURO IV standards. With an all sheet-metal body, it has a strong passenger compartment, with safety features such as crumple zones, intrusion-resistant doors, seat belts, strong seats and anchorages, with rear tailgate glass bonded to the body. Tubeless tyres will further enhance safety.